Tele-Medicine: Today's Healthcare Savior

By | Last Updated: 24 August 2023

In these scary days of corona virus, tele-medicine has become a savior for both doctors and patients.

We want that connection to our health care team, but we know that, for a short time, we need to keep our distance. Our families need to stay home and practice social distancing. And we can’t afford to let our primary care offices close down by getting affected by the virus. Since we know that so many people are asymptomatic carriers of the virus, it is very difficult for an office to screen people effectively. Tele-medicine to the rescue!

Thankfully, there are offices that have already set themselves up with strong tele-medicine habits. Zoom is a HIPPA compliant way to see and talk with your provider for things corona-related, and those that are not corona related. Hopefully, you are connected to an office that already has these systems in place.

Remember that pharmacies are working overtime. It may take an extra day or two to get your medications filled. Work with your doctor to get your refills ordered at least a few days before you actually need them. Some of my patients have called to ask about previously scheduled tests. Remember that medical offices have cancelled elective procedures. There will be time to get back your health care screening when the crisis is past.

Right now, focus on safe practices. Wash your hands. Clean your door knobs, counters and light switches. Stay home whenever possible. Try an online yoga or exercise class. Connect with your family. And maybe say an extra prayer for a rapid end to this crisis.

Dr. Judi Woolger is an internist with concierge offices in South Beach, Pinecrest and the Grove. Although right now, her office is her kitchen table and Zoom!

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