Elevating Healthcare: The Benefits of Unlimited Physician Visits and Health Coaching

By | Last Updated: 3 November 2023

The traditional healthcare model has always had its limitations—time constraints, short doctor visits, and a lack of personalized attention can often leave patients feeling neglected and under-served. This is why innovative healthcare approaches, such as concierge medicine, are gaining prominence. At the heart of concierge medicine lies the concept of unlimited physician visits and personalized health coaching, a transformative pair that has the potential to revolutionize your healthcare experience.

Dr. Judi Woolger, A concierge doctor in Miami Beach, FL, has long been an advocate for a personalized approach to healthcare. Her practice offers this transformative combination of unlimited physician visits and health coaching. But what exactly are the benefits of this dynamic duo? Let's delve into it.

Why Dr. Woolger got into Concierge Medicine


1. Unhurried Medical Appointments

Why It's Revolutionary:

The average time spent with a physician during a visit can be astonishingly low—often less than 15 minutes. In concierge medicine, the story is entirely different. With unlimited physician visits, you’re not just a slot in a jam-packed schedule. The physician has the time to fully engage with you, comprehensively assess your health, and craft a tailored wellness plan.

2. Seamless Integration with Health Coaching

A physician can diagnose and treat; a health coach can provide the ongoing support and guidance needed for lifestyle changes. By combining these two, you get the full package: immediate medical care and a long-term plan.

3. Empowered Decision Making

Patients are more informed and part of the decision-making process. With the accessibility to a physician and the regular check-ins from a health coach, you’re always in the loop about your health and well-being.

4. Customized Health and Wellness Plans

The focus is not just on illness but on overall wellness. With more time and resources, healthcare providers can develop a personalized wellness plan that addresses not only immediate concerns but also preventive measures.


Unlimited physician visits and health coaching are not just buzzwords in the world of healthcare; they are the building blocks for a more engaged, empowered, and healthy future. By choosing a practice like Dr. Judi Woolger’s in Miami Beach, FL, that offers these services, you're investing in a holistic and elevated healthcare experience.

Book an appointment today to explore Dr. Woolger’s approach to concierge medicine and allow her to show you healthcare in its best form. 

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